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this was from an awesome program we did before it got too cold - Spotlight: Argentina. seeing as NYU has a study abroad site in Buenos Aires, I thought it’d be awesome to do a special program dedicated to some of what the country has to offer stateside. 15 residents joined me as we started off at Fuerza Bruta, an innovative dance/party/music/theater piece created by De La Guarda, which was AMAZING. we ended up soaking from dancing in the rain party that ends the show - which was my favorite part :) we capped off the night by going to Nuchas, a delicious empanadas food truck that now has a semi-permanent stall in the middle of Times Square. we grabbed some empanadas and sat on the TKTS stairs, soaking it all up. we were frozen, but alive and rejuvenated after a night of dancing, laughing and eating. reminded me why i love my floor!